Today Luxembourg is Spain

18 Clash of Futures – Day 7 – we’re filming scenes that take place during the Spanish Civil War. The scenes include the International Brigades set up by the Communist International to support the Republican’s in the civil war. Over 50 thousand of these volunteer troops – women and men from all over the world – fought for Republican Spain against Franco’s fascist forces, many of them dying as they often went into battle unprepared and badly trained. Despite poor leadership and preparation they were an important part of holding back Franco and his international Fascist support in the Battle of Madrid and Guadalajara. They served in many more battles during their two years existence from 1936 to 38 and suffered up to 30% casualties.Hauptquartier Albacete.JPG

Here we are in the Headquarters of the Thälmann-Batallion in Albacete, Spain. Jan Peter gives direction to Jan Krauter who plays Hans Beimler and Denis Petkovic portraying General Kleber. The batalion was a part of the International Brigade, and mostly made up by German and Austrian volunteers – it was named after the German Communist leader Ernst Thälmann, imprisoned by the NSDAP in 1933 and executed in Buchenwald in 1944.

The SFX crew is preparing a scene that will later have a big, big crowd in it. By capturing a group of 24 in front of the green screen, we will later turn this into a crowd of hundreds.


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