Natalia Witmer as Marina Yurlova is back!

18 Clash of Futures – Day 11 – The young actress Natalia Witmer portrays the Cossack child soldier Maria Yurlova already in the first instalment of Clash of Futures – “14 Diaries of The Great War” – now we’re preparing to follow her destiny as it progressed from 1918 onwards. The multi-talented Marina Yurlova, severely wounded and left for dead in WWI, imprisoned and forgotten by the Bolsheviks, eventually joins the White Russians while she travels east to make her way to the US and a new life to finally live in peace and write three autobiographical books about her dramatic times.

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Some of the first scenes we shot with Natalia for the new series take place in a restaurant in Omsk together with the White Russian Captain Vladimir Kappel (played by Jakub Koudela), whom Marina joins after escaping the Bolsheviks in Moscow. Together they embark on a perilous journey through Revolutionary Russia, which will see Marina wounded once again and leave Captain Kappel frozen dead in the Siberian emptiness.


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