Rebecca Hemse and sexual liberation in the 1920s

18 Clash of Futures – Day 12 – Swedish actress Rebecca Hemse stars as Elise Ottesen-Jensen, also known as Ottar, a Norwegian-Swedish sex educator, journalist and anarchist agitator, whose main mission was to fight for women’s rights to understand and control their own body and sexuality. She was more than a half century ahead of her time.

I dream of the day when every new born child is welcome, when men and women are equal, and when sexuality is an expression of intimacy, joy and tenderness.” 

While women did not yet have the vote, contraception was illegal, abortion was a crime and, homosexuality was a punishable offence, Ottar defied society and agitated for the right for women to experience sexual pleasure, for free abortion, for the repealing of the laws against contraceptives, for gay rights, and more.

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