Concentration Camp Dachau

Shooting at the National Memorial Fort Breendonk. Our team was hosted by Fort Breendonk in Willebroek in Belgium, a former prison camp during World War II.

There we shot various scenes that are set in the concentration camp.

Several scenes with Hans Beimler (Jan Krauter), who was detained there in 1933. In the following photo depicted with showrunner Jan Peter and co-director Frédéric Goupil.

At night time we shot Hans Beimler escaping from the concentration camp.

Also we shot Joel Basman, who plays Rudolf Höss. Höss was assigned there as block leader in the same year.

Oli Bigalke embodies the part of Red Rudi a.k.a. Commandant Steinbrecher.

Our director of photography Jürgen Rehberg in action.


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