The Fog of Film

Six weeks after the end of principal shooting the first episodes start to take shape in the editing rooms in Luxembourg and Leipzig. To be be a director on the set and to be a director in front of a screen are two very different tasks and emotions. All the hopes and passions and energies of an eighty persons team are vanished. All the efforts are forgotten. Now there is only one question: Does the scene work? Does it breathe and live for itsself?

And there are always surprises. Bad ones sometimes, Good ones more often. Its these moments when scenes become a story, a story becomes a film. Paper is filled with blood on the set, but with sense on the editing table. It just started.

2 thoughts on “The Fog of Film

  1. Hi Jan,
    Sincerely wishing you to find out the material you need in the one we did our best to deliver.
    For At Dep


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