Das neue Logo für “Clash of Futures” kommt aus Paris

Das Pariser Graphikbüro Batmanu hat gemeinsam mit den Produzenten Serge Lalou und Gunnar Dedio sowie Showrunner Jan Peter das Logo zur zweiten Staffel von “Clash of Futures” entwickelt. Auch die erste Staffel, die unter dem Titel “14 – Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs” in mehr als vierzig Ländern ausgestrahlt wurde, bekommt ein angepasstes Logo und einen … More Das neue Logo für “Clash of Futures” kommt aus Paris

The Fog of Film

Six weeks after the end of principal shooting the first episodes start to take shape in the editing rooms in Luxembourg and Leipzig. To be be a director on the set and to be a director in front of a screen are two very different tasks and emotions. All the hopes and passions and energies … More The Fog of Film

More Magic

What is reality? A picture? A memory? We see here, photographed on a silver emulsion, Pola Negri and a partner in a black and white movie of Polas Hollywood time. But this photo was shot in 2017, it shows Michalina Olszańska and Charles Jodoin-Keaton. The one is our Polish actress playing Pola, the other our … More More Magic

È la Fine

“Thats the end” – these are the last words, that Silvio Crespi (right – Gennaro Cannavacciuolo) whispers in our series to his son Benigno (Antonio Spagnuolo). And – even though it was never planned like this – these were the last words uttered in front of our camera for this season. We finished yesterday, early morning, … More È la Fine

Last Days of Shooting: Night Time in Fond de Gras

At night, we shot a scene which shows Pola Negri (Michalina Olszańska) in summer 1919 at the German-Polish border. This scene shows Pola Negri (Michalina Olszańska) on her way to the train station. A few small corrections by the props department. Showrunner Jan Peter and Michalina Olszańska are discussing the upcoming scene. This was one … More Last Days of Shooting: Night Time in Fond de Gras

Last Days of Shooting: Munich, 1928

Hans Beimler and the Rotfrontkämpferbund. In Munich, March 1928, Centa (Eva Maria Jost) introduces Hans Beimler (Jan Krauter) to the members  of the communist paramilitary organisation, the Rotfrontkämpferbund. Showrunner Jan Peter sets up the scene. This was one of the last scenes we shot for “18 – Clash of Futures” before the 5th of July.

Heldin oder Närrin?

Noch einmal steigt Marina Yurlova (Natalia Witmer) in die Uniform einer längst geschlagenen Armee, greift zur Waffe und will an die Front. Wir schreiben das Jahr 1918. Zar Nikolaus II, in dessen Namen Marina seit vier Jahren kämpft, ist mitsamt seiner Familie erschossen wurden. Russland wird von einer ungeheuer blutigen Revolution eschüttert. Längst gibt es … More Heldin oder Närrin?